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Tattoo Aftercare Products from CAM Tattoo Supplies

CAM Tattoo Supplies specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality tattoo supplies including a full line of tattoo aftercare products under the TAT WAX® brand and Tattoo Goo® brand names.

TAT WAX® Tattoo Aftercare Products

TAT WAX soothing balm tattoo aftercare product was specifically designed to provide the best tattoo aftercare for your tattoo. Our formula consists only of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals known for their natural healing properties. Our tattoo aftercare product doesn't clog pores and will allow your skin to breath, while reducing irritation and promoting proper healing of your new tattoo. Current tattoo aftercare products are designed to be used in the prevention of irritation and infection in cuts, burns and scrapes. These products generally contain ingredients that may clog pores, draw ink out, and cause allergic reactions which ruin your new tattoo. However, TAT WAX tattoo aftercare product is specifically designed to aid in the healing of the skin while maximizing the look of your new tattoo, unlike common drug store ointments that are not specifically designed for tattoo aftercare.

TAT WAX tattoo aftercare products are so gentle they can be used on a daily basis for all your tattoos leaving your skin feeling moisturized and looking vibrant.

It's important to protect your tattoo even after it's healed. TAT WAX SPF30 tattoo aftercare ointment will improve the life of your tattoos by shielding them from the sun. It was specially formulated to protect and preserve the artwork and colors that make up your tattoos; colors that can begin to fade even after only an hour of sun exposure! The ingredients selected for TAT WAX SPF30 tattoo aftercare ointment include sun inhibitors, rejuvenators, aloe, moisturizers, along with vitamins and minerals that improve skin nourishment and aid in keeping your tattoo looking new. TAT WAX SPF30 tattoo aftercare ointment is your best option for tattoo protection and longevity!

TAT NUMB tattoo before care spray can help make getting a tattoo a more comfortable experience. TAT NUMB is a numbing agent that may be sprayed directly onto the skin. It works faster than many other numbing products, and it's antibacterial too! So, to relieve the pain and itch of your new tattoo, start with TAT NUMB.

TAT NUMB® is available in single bottles. TAT WAX® tattoo aftercare and TAT WAX SPF30® tattoo aftercare are available in cases of 24 one-ounce cans in an attractive display box for tattoo professionals.

Tattoo Goo® Tattoo Aftercare Products

CAM Tattoo Supplies carries a full line of Tattoo Goo tattoo aftercare products including Tattoo Goo® Original Soothing Balm tattoo aftercare in 4 mil. packets, 1 ounce tins and 1.5 ounce tins, Tattoo Goo® Lotion tattoo aftercare for sensitive dry skin, X-pressionTM anti-bacterial and anti-microbial piercing spray, and Tattoo Goo® Deep Cleansing Antibacterial Aftercare Soap tattoo aftercare. All Tattoo Goo® tattoo aftercare products are specifically made for tattoo aftercare.

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